Tuesday, February 26, 2013


(Please click and read this personal word from me about my India Mission Trip.)

There is a lot of traveling happening among my immediate family over the next few weeks. My oldest Son is going to South Florida this week. My wife is going to visit her family in Tennessee in a few weeks. My other son and I are traveling to India next week.

This makes for a complicated situation with our suitcases. We need to make sure that all of us have adequate suitcase space for our respective trips. And so a bit of creative suitcase juggling is going on at Catamaran Manor (our home).

Suitcases are an interesting thing. The first known suitcase made its maiden voyage in 1897. Since then there have been many suitcase developments.

There have been buckskin packs, steamer trunks, hat boxes, Pullmans, soft sides, semi-soft, matching sets, garment bags, fanny-packs (really...), rolling, spinners, backpacks, duffel bags, brief cases, and carbon fiber carry-ons. They all have one thing in common: They carry our stuff when we travel.

(There is even the vintage Fender Rhodes 73 MK 1 Suitcase Electric Piano, named that way because the entire instrument packs up as a suitcase for easy transport between gigs.)

We fill them, weigh them, measure them, carry them, pull them, stow them overhead, and live out of them.

Yes, for those who travel the suitcase is a necessity.

Similarly, our minds are like suitcases. They carry our ideas, our imaginations, our solutions, and our dreams.

They come in different sizes and configurations. Some are soft, while others are strong. Some have a large capacity. Others hold very little. Some are weathered and worn. Others are kept in the closet and hardly used.

How do you 'pack' your mind? Do you fill it with valuables? Do you only hold 'fluff'? Do you stuff yours full, continually adding more and more?

Question: What type of suitcase would you compare your mind to? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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