Sunday, March 10, 2013

India 2.0 - Day 2

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If Sundays define the life of a Christian, then this Sunday morning does a great job of establishing hat the rest of our ministry in India will be:

The day began with our participation in the main worship service of Ecclesia Ministries Church, where Daniel Kalyanapu (our host) is the pastor. We sang songs of praise & worship, we prayed for a family of believers who represented three generations of former Hindus who came to Christ, and we commissioned new leaders to serve in various capacities in the church.

After Zach and I were "garlanded", he continued his diligent video work, and I took the mic to bring the word to the many hundreds of people who had gathered (with the help of Jesher, my translator).

I had prepared to bring another message to share with the people this day, but as the service time approached, I was compelled by God to go a totally different direction.

So with great focus I spoke about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and relayed the story of when the angel approached her and told her she would become the mother of the Son of God.

I shared with the people how we too are called to do both small and great things for the Kingdom of God, and like Mary we sometimes respond with "How can this be? I am not...". It is not by our own natural abilities that we are able to accomplish what God has designed for us to do.

I encouraged them to look beyond the natural and see things the way God sees things: In the supernatural, to look beyond our abilities and see things through the Holy Spirit's power.

As Zach and I were whisked by car across the city to the next place where I was to preach, Jesher (who is on the Pastoral team at the Ecclesia Ministries Church) told me that my message was spot on, and was exactly what the people needed to hear at this time.

We arrived at a mission church begun by Ecclesia, and found a couple hundred people already engaged in hearing a word from their pastor. They were simply making good use of their time as they were waiting for our arrival. The pastor closed down his message in short order and I was once again given the mic.

Sensing that the message that was fresh in my heart was applicable to this group of people also, I again brought the same word of encouragement and exhortation. Once again the response of the people proved me accurate in hearing what was the right word, for the right people, for the right hour.

I laid hands on and prayed for every person in the building, and finally a very tired Brad and his son were driven back to Ecclesia where a wonderful Indian meal was waiting for us. (Complemented by southern fried chicken for Zach! Well, we are in Southern India...)

This evening we will drive to a church that was established in the communist part of the city and once again bring the Word of God. I know it will once again it will be a great experience.

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Gina Regis said...

Couldn't help but hear my heart scream a resounding "Yess!!" as I read the subject of your message. What a perfect word for a timid group of people who have a radical desire but not the confidence! (can u tell I'm so in touch with my roots?!) Praying for you and Zach! Nothing beats being right at the center of what He has called you to do!

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Gina... Yes, you ARE in touch with your roots. There was a great response.

I am no expert on Indian culture, but I think lack of confidence is pretty widespread here. Christians have all they need to step out...

Thanks for the encouragement!

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