Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Opening A Window

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I have learned that it is good to give people a window to see inside of our lives, especially if we are leaders (and I believe that all of us are leaders, because all of us influence somebody).

Allowing others to see inside our window makes us a bit more transparent, a bit more relatable, a bit more human.

We all have struggles and seasons of our lives where we are faced with pressures, situations and relationships that stretch us beyond normalcy. If we constantly portray ourselves as living a no-struggle life, we risk alienating ourselves from those we lead by depicting an idyllic, unreal life. If we consistently portray our ourselves as Ironman, easily pressing through difficulties, then we become super-human and unapproachable.

So allow me to open a window and let you to see inside of my life for a moment.

In the last 8 months my family and I have experienced much transition:
  • My professional life has transitioned: I am seeking to be the best I can be at my day job in the insurance industry (which until April 5th I had no exposure to, except from the client side). A HUGE learning curve.
  • My financial life has transitioned: We went from saving a bit and contributing extra to mission work, to having to dip into our savings a little each month to pay our bills as I progress in the above-mentioned professional life.
  • My ministry life has transitioned: I left from being a senior leader on a team of 13 pastors of a large regional church, and am now partnering with a good pastor friend leading a small ministry that is undergoing a huge makeover.
  • My family life has transitioned: In the last 8 months we relocated 1150 miles away from where we lived for 10 years, both of our children who lived with us have moved out on their own, and my wife (a life anchor - see below) and I just celebrated 35 years of marriage.
  • My personal life has transitioned: I am having to alter my "schedule" and run in the evenings, I have to squeeze reading and mentoring into 45-minute lunches, my musical practice times are short and few, and I rely on my iPhone apps to capture ideas so I can give them attention at a later time.
  • My Spiritual life has remained consistent: I understand the value of life anchors, so I have make it a priority to keep my time in prayer, Bible study, and personal renewal consistent.
What is happening in my life: Transition. How am I dealing with it: Relying on my life anchors, adjusting to the circumstances, and valuing relationships.

Question: How do you deal with transition in your life? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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