Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Extreme Weather

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I have had the privilege of interacting with people from all over the country, and when it comes to the weather they pretty much all say the same thing: One thing you can count on here. The weather will change. (They may not be true in Arizona.)

If you looked at our nation's weather map for the last week, you would see drought (Texas), flooding (New England), wind & rain (Gulf Coast), and of course sunshine. Multiple extremes over a large area. If only the rain would fall where the drought was, and the flooding... well nobody wants flooding.

The drought will end (not too soon for the folks in Texas). The wind and rain receded here on the Gulf Coast (although now the Mid-Atlantic is dealing with it). And snow will be in selected areas soon.

My point is this: Just as there are extremes in the weather, there are extremes in our lives. It's how we weather those extremes that matters. We can still be productive, we can still have influence.
  • If your circumstances drive you to do something other than what you intended, don't sulk: adapt. It was rainy and windy for the entire three-day Labor Day weekend here. I couldn't work in the yard, but I was able to accomplish some inside tasks.
  • If you are prevented from using a familiar course of action to accomplish a goal, explore the unfamiliar and adapt it to your use. Running was impossible for three days, so I dusted off the treadmill and got my mileage in.
  • Don't allow adversity to frustrate you. Rather work through it, even of it is painful. I opened a door to let my dog out during a break in the rain and the wind blew the door into my forehead. I came away with a one-inch cut and a slight bump - plus it hurt. But, I continued what I was working on, and it looks like I survived.
You can weather pretty much any storm you encounter, and survive extreme conditions in your life. Trust in God, leverage your relationships for support, and press forward. One thing you can count on: It will change.

Question: What adaptations did you make to deal with extreme weather in your life? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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