Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Constantly Changing

There is a saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin that goes: The only sure thing are death and taxes.

Although that may be good folk wisdom, we know that there are some people mentioned in the Bible who escaped death and were simply translated into heaven, and and there are many who successfully evade taxes.

Things that we've always held as constant are changing. Who would have thought that America would be on the verge of not being the #1 economic power in the world? When you woke up this morning did you imagine that the Washington, DC area would feel its second earthquake in 13 months?

Some have said that the only constant is change. There are two types of people who excel in change: artists and leaders.

True artists (including musicians and writers) go with the flow, capture the moment, and create masterpieces. Those who don't stick with paint-by-number kits.

True leaders work with people: individual, unpredictable, uncommon. Those who don't are simply task managers.

When change comes into your life, allow me to encourage you to rise up, see opportunity, and create a masterpiece. Sing your song, influence people, make your mark.

Question: When has change allowed you to be be better? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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