Thursday, May 15, 2008

India: May '08 - Day Six

After 48 hours, 2,300 kilometers, and lots of bottled water and mango juice, we finally arrived in Jammu, the winter capitol of Kashmir. the team was no worse for wear as we weathered the kilometers, the heat, a dust storm, and even a delay while a large storm complete with tornadoes passed by.

I passed the time by reading, praying, engaging in some great conversation (some with people I met on the train), and even finished a song I had been working on. The toughest part of the trip for me was having to stay still for so long. There were not many places to go on our car, and I can sit still for only so long. No worries, though!

The team got checked into a hotel (no we are not living in luxury... simple accommodations for a few days while we begin our ministry here in this region). I finally got to take a shower - the first I'd had in over 60 hours! (I'd say the second hardest part of the trip for me.)

Tomorrow (Friday). we begin the day with a medical camp in the slums. I hope to assist the doctors and nurse any way I can, perhaps by entertaining and comforting the children and of course praying for the sick. Then tomorrow evening we hold our first crusade meeting in the city, where I will preach the Gospel and then pray for the sick.

Stay tuned... I know tomorrow is going to be a great beginning to the northern leg of our ministry time in India!


D Mac said...

I'll take a few extra showers for you.
Glad you made it to Kashmir safely.
-D Mac

D Mac said...
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