Saturday, May 24, 2008

India - May '08: Day 14

Today (Friday) the team traveled for about an hour away from the city, then went on a mile-long mud road (we only got stuck twice), entering a farming village. Our local pastor contact had been building relationships with the local social work agencies and they were open to a medical camp being held in their completely Muslim village.

Over 300 patients were seen by the team, and of course Pastor Daniel and I “assisted” as best we could, while at the same time laying hands on the people and praying for them to be healed and to come to the knowledge of Jesus (without them knowing what we were doing!). All of this punctuated by periodic fly-over patrols by the Indian Air Force.

We did not want to ruin the months-long work that “Pastor Paul” had done in building relationships and opening doors with the people. These medical camps are a way that the people will see the love of Christ in us and ultimately be open to the Gospel.

The owner of the home who allowed us to use his courtyard to set up the camp also invited us into his house and served the team an authentic Kashmir lunch of rice, chenna, mutton, chicken, radishes and some other kind of vegetable. I, being a vegetarian, skipped the mutton and chicken, but did try the “other kind of vegetable”. We performed a tash from a nur (rinsed our hands with water poured from a kettle for us) and used our hands to eat (well, a spoon was offered to me – I haven’t eaten with my hands since I was a kid). It was quite an experience!

A great day of ministry, a great day with the team, a great day with the Lord!

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