Monday, May 19, 2008

India: May ‘08 – Day 9

Sunday dawned bright and hot here in India! we began with a time of worship in a house church. This is one of the churches that Pastor Daniel supports. We had a great time of worship with a little over 60 people, then Pastor Daniel and I again tag-teamed the teaching. After a brief lunch the medical team hung out their shingle at the grounds where we are holding the evening crusade.

The team saw right at 200 patients in the afternoon. Dr. Srinivas R.L., our lead physician, shows an incredible "bedside manner", taking the time with the patients and listening to their needs. His gentle "touch" has a great calming effect on all the people, from the oldest to the babies. We are blessed to have him on the team.

In the evening, we held our final crusade meeting here in New Colony, Jammu. Again a crowd of over 1,000 gathered for worship and the preaching of the Word. Pastor Daniel and I both spoke on the simplicity of the Gospel, and invited the people to commit their lives to Christ. Hundreds came forward and I had the privilege of leading them to invite Jesus into their hearts. A time of ministry followed. As we were leaving, two policemen stopped us at the back of the crusade grounds and asked me to pray for them. They had heard the message of salvation and responded!

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