Monday, May 05, 2008

India '08... Part Two - The Return

This Thursday, May 8th, I will be again traveling to India. It has been only two months since I returned from my last trip where I accompanied my Senior Pastor to conduct the Bible Conference and commencement of the ninth graduating class of the Immanuel's School of the Bible in Kazipet, Andhra Pradesh. We also conducted a four-day crusade with the dean of the school, Pastor Daniel Kalyanapu (shown here praying with me for a sick man).

It was during that crusade that Pastor Daniel asked if I could stay a few days to help him with another crusade he was going to be hosting. Plans didn't work out and I had to return to the USA, but he invited me to return in May to assist him with preaching at a series of crusades he was going to be holding in northern India, in the state of Kashmir.

And so, I am returning to join Pastor Daniel in the crusades. I will arrive very early in the morning on Saturday, May 10th and we will be holding a two-day meeting in Hyderabad, then we go to Kazipet (where Pastor Daniel's home and church are). We will then board a train for a 12-hour ride to Kashmir. The crusades in Kashmir will be hosted by pastors in that region who have graduated from the Bible School.

We will be preaching and praying for the sick every day through Monday, May 26th, when I will fly from Srinagar (in Kashmir) to Hyderabad, where I will catch the return leg of my flight back to the US (via Dubai). Although it will be a long trip, I know it will be an exciting and powerful trip. We will see many people brought into the Kingdom of God. Plus, as we pray for the sick, we will see many miracles of healing, restoration and deliverance.

Please visit this Blog regularly during the next three weeks. I will be posting as often as I can, sharing what is happening. The Lord is a good God! He is powerful, and will show Himself strong! And I get to be right in the middle of it!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Brad, this is so exciting, Im looking forward to hearing stories of what God did when I see you in MD in a month. God bless you!

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