Tuesday, May 13, 2008

India: May '08 - Day Three

Today is a rest and preparation for travel day. We board the train this evening for a 48 hour trip to Jammu-Kashmir. I haven't traveled on a train since I was six, and that was in the US. I know this will be an experience! For all of you who are wondering, no I will NOT be riding on the top of the train car (as you have seen in pictures of Indian trains)!

(The picture here is from our Sunday evening Crusade meeting. I am praying for some boys who asked for prayer as they continued studies in their schools.)

We are taking a team of 12, including three doctors, a nurse, Pastor Daniel and some of his family, his aforementioned sister and brother-in-law and myself. We will be conducting medical camps in the slums and then will be holding evening crusade meetings.

I don't know when my next post will be, but please check back on Friday to see.

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pag said...


Keep your "cool" if you can in the hot weather. Great stuff! We are looking forward to your next post.

Phil, Ina, and Matt