Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Is Your Story?

Everyone has a story. Your story is just as good as mine. And mine is just as good as yours. You see everyone's story is authentic, exclusive, and full of life... Your life.
Some people's stories may seem more exciting than yours. Some people's stories may seem bland compared to others. Some people try to "create" an interesting story for themselves  so they will be memorable.

Some people are great storytellers, spinning elaborate yarns about great adventures in far away places that make what they are telling about come to life. Some people simply tell about what has happened to them, and although it may not enthrall us, it is still a story. And everyone has one.

Everyone has a story, regardless of who they are and where they have been, how they have lived, and who they have met. Sometimes they are real. Sometimes they are imagined. It's these stories that are the basis for books, films, conversations and instruction. Sometimes the telling of stories is the way history is passed from one generation to the next.

Once one of my sons told me to tell him some more of my stories. I received it as a compliment. My life and experiences had found a place in his imagination where as I told the story, he could join me in his mind and live with me in the story.

Another of my sons told me that after hearing all of the stories of my trips to India, he wanted to come with me. And he did. Now he has own stories of India.

What is your story? What has happened in your life? Who have you met? What great adventures have experienced? Remember, everyone has a story.

Perhaps the greatest story you could tell would be about the greatest, life-changing experience or relationship you have ever had. For me it was when I encountered Jesus Christ in my life. Now all of my stories revolve around that one. My wife and children are the other great experiences for me. That's my story.

What is your story?

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Barbara Holland said...

I wrote my life story for my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews (total 27 I think). By the time I finished, I was more aware of what a rich, full life I have had. I had my teaching career (which I believe was God's plan for my life and could give several reasons why), a wonderful family (extended family and my own biological family), travels, was honored on several occasions by my academic peers, and made many, many friends through the years.

I thought they might be interested in my life as a child in a small town (Lakeview)during WWII, my life on our family farm at Rising Fawn, from the time the war ended until I married. I took 2 writing and 3 photography courses in the 1980's so I also included many pages of pictures I had taken of them, at their birth, childhood, graduations, marriages, and more. I also included a few pages of my ancestors, each sibling and their families, a page about each of us giving a chance for each to share what they wanted others to know about themselves, including their relationship with the Lord, church involvement, etc. I presented these books to my family on the occasion of my 75th birthday. I thought 3/4 of a century of living would be a good time to give them these books. I ended my Life Story with an Omega section, listing all our family with dates of births, marriages, and deaths, for those who have left us.

Since then I wrote a children's book with a fifth grade setting and used many things I did in my teaching years, except with a twist giving the activities disasters in the book, though in real life they turned out well. Darlene Kelly Lane, Pam Pendley Bethune, and my own daughter, Lynn, were in one of my fifth grade classes (and they with one more girl were best friends that year and for many years afterwards.)I've had a few things published in magazines and local papers, but gave up on publication as it was too time consuming for the few that were printed.

I miss singing in the choir. Our country church invited all to sing in the choir so I began singing at church while a preteen, sang in the Berry College Chapel Choir, and at most churches I've been a member of. I sang at FBCFO until my thyroid surgery which changed my voice for some reason... and I can only sing a few verses before I begin coughing a dry hacking cough.

Your saying everyone has a story is so true. I led one course at church a few years ago, 'Writing Your Life Story' and several attended. I've organized several things through the years, including some winter 'at home'retreats at church, that were well attended. I also enjoyed being President of different groups, starting with 4-H in elementary school, and later a teacher's sorority and most recently our local retired educator's group. Now that I am no longer able to do so many of these things, as I'm on the door of 80. I really miss being so active... but God blessed me with rich full life so I thank Him for so many good years.

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you Barbara for sharing "your" story!

Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

My story is about redemption in the Lord and a life now lived for family and God. When Jesus says that "the kingdom is now/here, " I take it to mean that our life in Christ needs not wait for the "afterlife". . . we live it here and now. Accordingly, I live for Jesus, Ina and Matt as a caretaker . . . in His kingdom . . right here and now! . . . oh, with a little baseball on the side! :-)

Be well, Brad!


Brad Lewis said...

Your story is a noble one. An example to all husbands, fathers, and everyone else for that matter. I admire you, and stand with you.

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