Tuesday, March 08, 2016

What Do You See?

When you view an image, what do you see? Do you see the “focal point” of the image? Do you see the setting?
Often when we look at a picture, we may see differently than what another might see while looking at the same picture. It's all about perception and interpretation.

The same may be true when we look at people. When your see a person walking on the street, what is your conclusion: Traveler? Motorist who ran out of gas? Person in need? Homeless person? Someone who needs help or encouragement?

Assume they are homeless. How then do you see that person? As a nuisance or potential threat? As someone in need? As someone who is one break away from "making it”?

Many times when we see people we quickly draw conclusions and make judgements that may not be accurate because we do not know the facts of the situation.

What if someone comes to your worship service looking “different” from the average attendee? What would your thoughts be? He’s disrespectful to dress that way. She could have “fixed herself up” before coming through the door. How dare they…

The next time you see someone and form an opinion about them, ask yourself why you are interpreting him or her in the way you are. Do you see a problem or potential? Do you see beauty or ugliness? Do you see a bother or a blessing? Is this a problem to solve, or an opportunity to serve?

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