Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Good Old Days!

I have always wondered when "Back in the day" was. One year ago? Five years ago? Twenty years ago?

And then there's "The Good Old Days!" Again, when were those? Is is a time period from the past? Is it the same for everybody? Did I have to actually live during The Good Old Days time period to claim it?

Memories are good, but often we vaguely remember the past as it really was. Our perceptions dim and are altered based on positive or negative memories, as well as positive or negative current situations. This causes our memories of The Good Old Days to become unbalanced and skewed.

Don't get me wrong: Our past is a good thing to have. It serves the purpose of being a starting point in which to measure the present. The past also gives us "anchor events" by which we use as a reference to compare to the "now" in our lives: Our wedding day, our college graduation, the day we committed our life to Christ. These all serve as life-changing events for us, and we can measure our progress from those "anchor event" to the present.

Constantly longing for the The Good Old Days can create within us a negative attitude on life, and begin to render us ineffective.
  • They cause us to live in the past, thus making the present a time we don't take advantage of.
  • They cause us to focus on ourselves, and we miss the opportunities to invest in the lives of others.
  • They cause us to miss what God is doing in the here and now, and miss the opportunity to get in on what He is doing.
May I encourage us to use our memories of The Good Old Days to serve as reference points for us to move forward from. May I challenge us to live in today, and seek ways in which we can impact others, and expand the Kingdom of God.

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