Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spiritual Revolution

One person can begin a revolution...
I had the privilege of being a youth pastor for over 20 years, and one of the most meaningful events that occurred during during those years happened on a bus.

My students and I were traveling back from a weekend mission trip in Cincinnati. At one point on the road, one of the middle-school students began to share with me her burden for the other members of the youth ministry, that they would experience the Presence and Power of God in their lives.

Pretty strong stuff for a 7th-grader.

After we talked for a bit, I suggested that we pray her burden, asking God to show Himself strong among the other students. Almost as if she was waiting for permission from me, the young middle-school girl immediately proceeded to get down on her knees on the bus floor, right there amid the trash of a teenage bus trip, began to cry out to God for her fellow students.

I joined her there, and as we prayed an unusual phenomenon took place. Without any prompting from me, other students around us began to kneel and pray. Almost like a fire, the Presence of God spread through the bus, and the students were weeping and wailing, crying out to God in repentance, and asking for His forgiveness and His Presence.

At one point I noticed that the bus was pulling off the road, and I found out that even the driver, who was so affected by that powerful move of God, that he couldn’t safely drive anymore and had to stop. We prayed for hours, and when it was all over it was obvious that God had visited us on that bus.

Our students weren't the same after that. His Presence was among us, His power was strong.

A simple burden for the Power and Presence of God can do great things.

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