Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Questions And Answers

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I have come to understand that you can tell more about a person by the questions they ask, rather than by the answers they give.

Answers demonstrate knowledge (or lack of it), while questions demonstrate attention, curiosity, and wonder.

Interviewers ask: What would you like to ask me about the position? to get a glimpse of the motives and focus of the interviewee. Teachers ask: Any questions? not only to clarify comprehension, but to gauge their student's depth of understanding.

Wise listeners look beyond mere statements in conversations and discern a deeper level of communication by paying attention to what is being asked.

The person who asks questions like: How did you feel about that? and What was your response? will generally be thought of as a good listener. At the same time, the person who responds to the other's statements with their own comment or story will be lost in the sea of mediocrity.

Bottom line: Listen to what is being asked at least as much as what is being said. Your understanding of people will ultimately grow.

Question: What do you discern from the questions people ask? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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