Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Energy And Creativity

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Energy and Creativity. Not creative energy sources. Not energetic creative ideas. Just Energy and Creativity.

They go hand in hand. Where there is energy, one can usually find creativity. And where there is creativity, one can usually find energy.

The two seem to find themselves inseparable when around me. I am the most creative when I am rested, focused, and with plenty of energy. I find myself gaining energy when I am creating.

On the other side of this, when I am tired I seem to be unable to produce a good idea. (Although when one squeezes its way into my mind, I begin to see my energy level rise...)

Most Creatives will affirm that when they are in their creative zone, time seems to stop, and the ideas are endless. Before they realize it, they are well past the time they began, and they never realized how "late" it became.

So get some rest, get refreshed, and create!

Question: Is there a correlation between Energy and Creativity in your life? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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