Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creativity Frustration

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I am at my Yamaha S90 keyboard, trying to learn and use a new software music program on my MacBook Pro. But it's not working and I'm frustrated.

I want to immediately begin making music, but I'm limited because I don't know the program I'm working with.

I started reading the documentation. It contains over 120 pages, most of which are for more advanced functions than I want to put to use right now. I just want to make music.

I found myself staying up late last night trying to make it work, and had to force myself to go to bed. (I seek to be responsible and desire to do be the best I can at my job.) I could have stayed up all night and probably made huge advances on my new music software. But I didn't. And I'm still frustrated.

The creator me is in conflict with the practical me. Creator me says: Make music! Practical me says: Master the new program and you can make more music! Arrrrr!

I believe that most of us periodically feel that conflict. We want to create, but other things keep us from creating (including learning new software programs). And so we will continually feel the tension between the creator me and the practical me that resides within us all.

I like to think of it as Creativity Frustration. It's a real experience that all of us walk through. It's also something that can be beneficial.

In our tension of wanting to create but being restricted by the practical, we have the opportunity to seek creative alternatives that will allow us to move into the realm of creativity. Solving practical problems is a form of creativity. And in essence we are being creative as we solve those problems, thus freeing us up to be creative!

Question: What could I do that will help me learn the new music program quicker? (I'd like your help...) Share your thoughts below in comments.

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