Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Two Down, One To Go

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When I was a child growing up in my suburban North Miami Beach neighborhood, myself and some friends would spend hours playing a version of "tag" where we'd actually push each other down until there was a last man standing, and His team would be declared the winner.

One day as we were playing, a phrase was uttered by one of us that would become the "call sign" for my friends and me: Two down, one to go. Whenever we would want to get together, we'd call our to each other: Two down, one to go. Whenever a game of tag was suggested, it was declared: Two down, one to go.

Over this past weekend I have been reflecting on the year 2012 as it has developed so far. I looked over my vision and list of goals, and that famous phrase from my childhood came to mind: Two down, one to go.

Two-thirds of this year has passed, and one-third remains. School has begun, fall promotions are underway, and people are gearing-up for the final third of 2012: Two down, one to go.

As you look over the past months and remaining time to fulfill your goals for the year, allow me to offer these suggestions:
  • Re-count: Were you too ambitious in your vision and goals for this year? I was, expecting to accomplish four major initiatives, and have only completed 1 1/2 (so far). Thin down your goals to what is truly attainable.
  • Re-order: Have you listed your goals in the order you would like to achieve them? Perhaps re-ordering them will allow you to see them in a more favorable way which will encourage you to move forward with their accomplishment.
  • Re-energize: Think back to the original vision you had that motivated you to list your goals. See the end result, list the steps needed to reach your goal, and rely on the momentum of eating the elephant.
Whether it's a game of tag or a comprehensive vision for your life this year, it's the beginning of September: Two down, one to go.

Question: How have you evaluated your progress toward your goals this year? What are your next steps? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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