Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Generations... Again!

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This past week my daughter has been visiting from Maryland. Spending time with her has been great! I miss her wit, her creativity, and her kind heart. She has matured into an incredible young lady.

As usual, whenever I am in charge of directing the worship in our church and my daughter is in town, I invite her to join us in leading. She has an incredible gift in her voice, and she loves to lead worship.

This past Sunday, as I looked across the stage from the keyboard where I was playing, I couldn't help but feel some fatherly pride: There was my "baby girl" standing with the team (which included her mother), and leading the congregation in worship.

I began to reflect on how I had seen her grow in her gifting, and I thought of another Blog post I had written over four years ago: Generations. (Please click and read.)

Question: How do you interact creatively with your GenerationsWhat are your next steps? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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