Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is The Sun In Your Eyes?

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It happens twice a year for me. It's inevitable. I usually don't plan for it. In fact, I normally forget about it until it happens: The sun shines right in my eyes during my morning commute.

I drive directly toward the east in the mornings for over 14 miles on a straight, flat road. And for almost two weeks, the sun is directly in my eyes. This is Florida, so the sun is bright, clear, and did I mention that it is right in my eyes...

Traffic slows (my commute time gets longer), sudden stops are frequent (in bumper-to-bumper traffic it can be scary), and the commute is stressful (for me anyway).

Now I am not complaining. In fact, I am doing just the opposite. Read on...

Life is full of inconveniences: Sometimes unexpected, sometimes expexcted but forgotten, sometimes planned for. They are present everywhere in our lives.

They show themselves in our relationships, at our jobs, through our families, and in our entertainment. (How many of us have ever been dissatisfied with an official's call during a sporting event we are watching?)

Here are a few ways we can respond to those challenges:
  • Curse: See the Bothersomeness. Some people actually do curse the sun. I am not sure of the purpose of that exercise. I have heard that it makes people feel better. But they seem to continue in their dissatisfied disposition, even after cursing.
  • Consider: See the Bigger-picture. If the earth didn't tilt back-and-forth (giving the illusion that the sun was changing positions where it rose on the horizon), we wouldn't have seasons, crops wouldn't grow, some people would freeze, energy prices would sky-rocket...
  • Create: See the Bright-side. (No pun intended.) Ask yourself: What benefit can come from this challenge/inconvenience? How can I use it to my advantage? How can this benefit me, and more importantly, benefit others? (A Blog post idea come from it for me!)
We will constantly face challenges and inconveniences in our lives. How we respond to those challenges and inconveniences will go a long way in preserving our well-being, helping us grow, and expanding our influence.

Question: How do you respond to the daily challenges and inconveniences that you face? What are your next steps? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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