Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Image And Reflection

This morning as I was driving in to work, I noticed a seagull standing in about two inches of water of the Santa Rosa Sound (the body of water that parallels the coast of Northwest Florida separating the mainland from the Island).

The water was like a mirror: calm and clear, and the reflection of the seagull was crisp, as if there were another below it. A remarkable, sight in my opinion.

I began to think about our reflection, and the image we project. How do we come across to others? How are we seen? These thoughts came to mind:
  • We cannot control the backdrop by which our reflection is projected. We are not always going to have calm and clear conditions for our image to reflect against. Most of the time life is turbulent and changing. Would there be the same beauty had the water been choppy and grey?
  • We cannot control how our reflection is seen and interpreted. At 50 mph, a quick glance at the water through a break in the trees revealed this picture to me. Am I sure it was a seagull? Could it have been two birds, close together?
  • We cannot control when our reflection is seen. The bird was still, and I saw it as if captured in a moment. But how often are we still, and seen by others in a moment of inactivity and calm? And if we are still and seen, what are doing at that moment?
My conclusion: Don't focus on the image we project, or the reflection we cast. Rather, concentrate on who we are: our character, our relationships, our influence. Ask yourself: Do I want to be seen, or do I desire to affect others?

Question: What is more important to you: Who you are, or the image you project? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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