Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Changing Sights, Unchanging Stance

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I love dawn & dusk. I guess it's because I love new beginnings and strong finishes in life, and dawn & dusk personify that.

What attracts me the most is the changing sky. The colors are constantly emerging into different shades and hues, which makes for a constant creation.

This morning as I was stretching after my run, I watched the sky begin to lighten. The clouds started to reflect the sun's light from below the horizon, and a beautiful picture began to unfold before me.

Here are three things that I noticed:
  • There was constant change happening in real-time, right before my eyes.
  • Although change was happening around me, where I stood remained constant.
  • Everything was beautiful.
So here are some take-aways from this simple, yet beautiful daily experience:
  • Our world is always changing around us. Just a moment ago is already "back in the day".
  • We must be consistent about "where we stand". We cannot be driven by the winds of opinion and pop-culture.
  • There is beauty to be found everywhere, in everyone.
Simple thoughts yes, but perhaps some strong truths. I can hardly wait for this evening's drive home at dusk!

Question: What do you see changing around you, that requires a consistent stand? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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