Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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I had a... conversation with a colleague yesterday. We have started a new procedure in our agency at my day job, but I am having a difficult time adjusting to the new "flow".

I don't make excuses. I don't blame others. I owned up to my lack of "cooperation". I told him I am trying hard, that I am not purposely seeking to sabotage his "world".

You see, I am a fixer, a doer, a helper. When I encounter a customer, I want to help them with their need. But in our procedure, I am to send the customer to him first.

I have not gotten that right a few times. OK, let's say several times. Alright: a lot of times.

My colleague made an astute observation. He stated: It's the way you are hardwired. "Good point," I told him, but no excuse.

Many times our greatest strength can become our greatest weakness. We may be thinkers, or doers, or feelers. Sometimes that can work against us.

So I purposed to work harder, to concentrate on the ":flow", to create reminders for myself. I even asked him to remind me at the start of each day.

You see, each of us are created to be a certain way: we are hardwired. The Creator had a plan in mind when He formed us. We need to celebrate this. But, when it conflicts with others or with a plan, we need to adjust.

We simply cannot use the excuse: Well that's just the way I am. Especially when we try to use that excuse for our character flaws (anger, temper, ignoring needs, cutting off other's speaking to get our thoughts in, etc.). What can we do?
  • Celebrate the way we are hardwired.
  • Don't use the way we are hardwired as an excuse for character flaws.
  • Focus on building our character.
  • Adjust our hardwiring to fit with others, and to the flow of our organization.
  • Ask the Creator to develop other areas of our lives to complement our hardwiring (Fruits of the Spirit).
My goal and desire is to make the organization I work for be as successful as possible. Even though I am hardwired a certain way, I am seeking to adjust me for the sake of others.

Question: How have you adjusted the way you are hardwired to the benefit of your organization? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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