Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Creativity

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I connected with a new leader over the weekend. He and his family are in the area vacationing, and because of a long relationship with my Co-Pastor, I got connected also.

Last evening over dinner he challenged me with these words: Look for new creativity. Don't rely on the old, reliable, or previously successful methods of reaching and influencing people.

That statement resonated with my spirit. New creativity. It almost sounds redundant, but instead I see it as taking creativity to the next level.

Oftentimes, I find myself reinventing the wheel rather than going with what I know works. But I feel justified because I understand that culture changes, perception changes, and people change.

I am not about change just for the sake of change, but rather having a purpose in change, in adjusting, in creativity.

In worship music, I rarely lead a song the same way twice, but find myself looking for a tweak or nuance that gives it a fresh feel. Of course this sometimes frustrates our musicians and singers. But that's the way I am built: I don't want people to get so familiar with a song that it loses its intended message and impact.

Just last night, as I was rehearsing a song with my daughter that I wrote a few years ago, I stated playing an entirely new introduction. In just a few minutes we had a completely new sound to a familiar song.

What about you? Do you find yourself doing the same things the same way? Are you prone to maintaining the status quo? Or are you inclined to developing new creativity, looking for new ways to engage, encourage, and influence others?

Question: How has new creativity worked for you? Share your thoughts below in "comments".

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