Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finding The Best App For That

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A colleague recently purchased an iPhone. Knowing that I also owned one, he asked me what apps I would recommend to help him with his job. We researched together, tried a few and settled on a couple that appear to provide a great benefit to his job (and my job too).

I continued to suggest more, mainly because they are cool apps, but not very practical to his job.

In the midst of all of this, I backed away and looked at the bigger picture: Creatives are constantly looking for ways to excel, accomplish more, and do better. And in the process, we get more things, more accessories, and more apps to try to do better.

I have dozens of apps on my iPhone, the lionshare were free (most who know me, know that I am frugal - a.k.a. cheap!). Most of those apps I haven't opened since I acquired them.

I want to get more sounds for my keyboard (I already have thousands). Most of those sounds I never use in recording or live playing.

I want to get an upgrade for the recording software on my MacBook Pro because it boasts 500 new guitar sounds. What will I do with 500 new guitar sounds?

Instead of finding the most for what we want to do, maybe we ought to find the best for what we want to do.

I recently had a conversation with my Co-Pastor that I serve alongside of. The topic: focusing on a few things that we do well, rather than trying to do many things so-so.

I think there is an app for that. If not, I want to create one!

Question: Do you tend to look for the best app for the job, or for many apps to get the job done? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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