Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Did You Create Today?

I sometimes ask people I am with, "What did you create today?" Many times the question throws them off guard. I continue to press them to find out if there is any creativity flowing from their hearts and minds.

Too often we live in maintenance mode, simply doing things and keeping the status quo. It's easy to be in that mode, but I don't believe that is where we should live.

Busyness is often the enemy of creativity. We are so busy with doing the stuff, that we miss the opportunities to create, and to envision a new reality. (I am not referring to alternate realities, but rather envisioning, and seeing those visions become reality.)

Creativity says that we look out ahead of what is happening now and ask, "What if?" Some would call it dreaming, but dreams aren't a bad way to start something.

Question: What did you create today?

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