Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Unexpected Retreat Connection

Our Pastoral staff just returned from a three day retreat. It was a great time of personal spiritual evaluation, relationship & team building, and pressing into the heart of the Father. As one of our pastors, David Black challenged us at the beginning of the retreat, "This time will be full of burning bushes. Find yours."

Well, yes I found my burning bush, and no I am not going to post about it. All I will say is that I was caught unexpectedly with my shoes on, and quickly removed them, as I found myself standing on holy ground.

What I will describe is an unexpected encounter my wife and I had with another pastoral couple (not from our team), whom we met in the hallway on our way to breakfast. We invited them to sit with us at our table as we were by ourselves (we were late and all of the seats for the tables reserved for our pastoral team were taken).

As my wife Elaine and I love to do, we began to engage this young couple and ask questions about their lives, family and ministry. We found out that he was a musician, and worship leader, and was the leader of The Patrick Weber Band. They were simply taking a few days off and re-connecting as a couple, away from the young kids and the ministry.

Seeking to encourage them, especially with their musical craft, we found out as much as we could about their band, songwriting, and ministry opportunities they have been involved in. We listened as they shared of opportunities and doors that had been opened for them, and of anticipated blessings (translation: royalties due them).

Of course we got their Facebook info and other social networking stuff. We are friends now, I am a fan of their band. He will be sending me some CDs to put into the hands of some of my connections who may find some connection with them.

Please know that my wife and I were very focused on our team and what God was going to do among us that first morning. We did not plan on meeting and encouraging a young couple with their lives, marriage and ministry. But when my wife and I encounter people, we pretty much can't help ourselves, and we seek to invest in their lives.

Question: Who have you unexpectedly encountered and as a result invested something into?

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