Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Capturing the Culture

Creators create for different reasons. Some create because there is stuff inside of them, and they need to get it out. Some create to because it relaxes them. Some create to make money. And then there area those who create because they are interested in capturing and changing their culture.

I know of a couple of guys and a gal who are doing just that. Their company is called C&I Studios, and as a film and video production company, they are seeking to be a positive voice in their world. Here's what they say:

Film is such a powerful force, and right now its being used mostly for pointless entertainment.
Our studio is venturing out against the grain to change that. We believe that film can be used
to educate, empower and inspire individuals to greatness.  C&I Studios is a Non-Profit film studio, so all of our films are about life and how to truly live it.  Our films also venture out to create social change and awareness throughout the world, with the use of professional media.

You too are a creator. Everyone is. You were made in the image of The Creator, and therefore you are creative. You have been given ideas, gifts, and skills, and the opportunity to use those ideas, gifts, and skills.

Question: What are you doing to capture and change your culture by using your creative ideas, gifts and skills?

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