Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Resurrection: Ultimate Creativity

Did you ever wonder why God, the Creator of the Universe, chose the death and ultimate resurrection of His Son Jesus as the way to redeem mankind? Consider for a moment these thoughts...
  • God is the ultimate Creator - Consider the Garden of Eden.
  • Man, left to himself cannot be depended upon to always make good decisions - Consider the fall of man in the Garden.
  • Man's answer to his sinful condition never produces the desired results - Consider Adam and Eve hiding from God in the Garden, after the fall.
  • Man's condition is in need of some help, when it comes to redemption - Consider Adam and Eve getting banned from the Garden.
  • God, the great Creator, applied a masterful stroke of Divine creativity when He instituted the plan of redemption involving His Son, Jesus - Who else would have considered substituting their own sinless son as the replacement redeemer for mankind?
  • Needing the ultimate feat to overcome sin and death, God allowed Jesus to be killed, and then He raised Jesus from the dead: The Resurrection!
  • God offers this creative act as a free gift.
  • All a person has to do to receive God's gift is accept what Jesus did for them to forgive their sins trusting in Jesus alone for their salvation, and confess that Jesus is their Lord.
It's a really simple solution to a complex problem, and that is what makes it so creative!


Claude Musy said...

You've reminded me of an interesting thought. Was Jesus Christ God's plan B? Or was he always the Plan?

Brad Lewis said...

Good question Claude. What are your thoughts?

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