Thursday, December 24, 2009

12 Days Of Christmas Video Blog - Day 12

12 Days Of Christmas Video Blog - Day 12 from Brad Lewis on Vimeo.


Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and Elaine and the family. I just want to thank you for your "12 Day" video spots. Very well done. . . you should be a pastor at a church. . or something like that (give it some thought). As we sit here in North Carolina for our first Christmas, we are alone, but -- at the same time -- blessed and filled with company. For we know that on this Christmas day, we have been brought into the family -- the family of God -- and we rejoice in it.

By the way, it was great to see the beautiful Maryland landscape draped in snow (even better to see you shoveling, rather than me!).

Thanks again for all the work you put into the blog -- it indeed has been a blessing to me.

Unknown said...

This video blog is a great ministry.

Remember we struggled for a name and anchor song for this musical. Then when you wrote "A Night Like Any Other" it was a done deal.

Celebrating the day turns empty at the end of the day. The only left is anticipation for next year. But celebrating Christ is a living fountain that flows out of us and continuously. I truly believe Christmas is a gift Christians give to the world. A glimpse into what a life centered and submitted to Christ can be like. Joyous, generous, peaceful, fun, and meaningful.

Thanks, Brad, for the ministry, the music, and the encouragement. God bless the Lewis family!

Brad Lewis said...

Than you again for the constant encouragement,especially the comment you left on this Blog post.

Sorry, but I didn't think of you when I was shoveling snow... Too busy!

I knew that this Christmas would be different for you, Ina and Matt. I am glad you have each other.

Merry Christmas!

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you for your kind, encouraging, and inspiring words. You continue to be an excellent writer... I loved what you sharded in your comment. Consider writing regularly on a Blog yourself. ( It's free. easy and a great way to "get yourself out there".

Elaine has been encouraging me for a few years now to write another musical...I may call you if I get serious.

Let's stay connected, even if it is "loosely" through Facebook. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Gina Emmanuel said...

it was a SIMPLY SUPERB musical production - one that i'm not likely to forget!

Brad Lewis said...

Once again your encouragement is received with humility. Thank you!

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