Saturday, November 01, 2008

India: October, 2008 Report

I'm back! I was unable to find any internet access for the last several days and wasn't able to update my Blog, but now we're back in the Blog world. The last few days have been amazing!

I have been attending a pastor's conference for Indian Pastors in Lucknow, Utra Pradesh and have been blessed by the over 3,000 pastors and leaders who passionately love God with all their hearts and desire to see the Gospel spread all over India and even around the world. I had the privilege of speaking to them on Thursday, challenging them to leave a legacy, pouring themselves into the lives of those they know who will in turn pour themselves into others, and pouring themselves out into the lives of people they don't know: the helpless, hurting and needy. What an honor to be able to stand before so many who are driven by the transformation in their lives and to simply pour more fuel on their fires.

I was able to tour a brand-new Bible College and pray a blessing over it and its staff, as well as visit a school for physically and mentally challenged children. There I was able to be with some of the children and minister to them and the staff.

My greatest ministry during this first part of my trip to India was for me to have the privilege of meeting with one of the richest and most powerful men here. He is a devout Hindu who has a place in his heart for the poor. An Indian friend of mine in the U.S. had an appointment with him this past summer, and upon hearing of my trips to India and my heart for the poor, he invited me to meet with him when I arrived.

After spending one day with him and his senior staff (complete with SUV motorcades, bodyguards with guns, entourages, expensive restaurants, gifts and flowers), he cleared his calendar and invited me back for a second day to meet with him. I had been praying and preparing for this time for several weeks and knew that everything was in place for something HUGE. During our second day together I shared the Gospel with him and his senior staff and they all committed their lives to Christ! I am overwhelmed by this divine appointment that I got to be a part of!

I flew out of Lucknow early on Friday and spent the day traveling. I am currently in Kazipet, Anhdra Pradesh with Pastor Daniel Kalyanapu. This evening (Saturday) we begin a two-day evangelistic crusade in Narsampet, about 1 1/2 hours from here. Pastor Daniel says that this is the first time any evangelistic work is attempted in this city, so we are expecting great results, preaching the Gospel and praying for miracles.

I know it will be a great second half of my trip!


Anonymous said...


How great is our God! I am just amazed how God is using you to ministry to His people. Thank you for letting God use you. I pray God's continued favor upon you. Much love, Shelia

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you Shelia! I too am amazed... It is beyond me to think that God would allow me to be a part of this Kingdom work. Thank you for your encouragement!

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