Tuesday, March 04, 2008

India At Last!

After 25 hours and 11 time zones we finally arrived in Hyderabad very early on Tuesday morning (we're talking 2:00 am). We came in on different flights so Pastor Charles arrived two hours before me (he was able to wait at the hotel and rest). I finally arrived and got a couple of hours of rest also. We had a quick breakfast then we were driven to Kazipet (a three hour trip - actually a 4 1/2 trip for normal drivers - don't ask).

Pastor Charles didn't get much of a rest as he had a session to teach in the early afternoon. He spoke on the book of Ephesians to the 200-plus Bible students and pastors who had assembled for the conference. We broke for lunch and then afterwords I had the privilege of speaking to the same group on the importance of obeying the call of God on our lives. Having a chance to impart the truth of God's word into those who are changing the face of India is quite an honor.

At our evening meeting, Pastor Charles again taught from the book of Ephesians. The flavor is very different from my trip last year. Then I went from village to village, church to church, house to house preaching the Gospel and praying for people. Although we will have the opportunity to preach toe Gospel and pray for people during the crusade this weekend, our focus is training and encouraging the gathered pastors and soon-to-be Bible School graduates in the things of the Lord. Here we are not fishing, but rather training fishermen!

Tomorrow, there will be more teaching by Pastor Charles and I will be sharing on leaving a legacy of ourselves. I have already had a few fast rides on the back of a motorcycle through the busy streets of Kazipet. (Phil, the Biker Preacher is back!)

I love it!

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