Sunday, March 09, 2008

India '08: Day Six

Last evening was the conclusion of the crusade. We once again saw hundreds of people respond to the Gospel message preached by myself and then Pastor Charles. We were both impressed by the number of men (about half of the total) who responded to the invitation to give their lives to Christ.

Of course we continued the service with a time of laying on of hands and praying for the sick. There were again many, many healings and restorations that we were witness to. Allow me to share one of them with you. A woman hobbled (literally) on to the stage with her stick. She was bent-over and limping, with her right foot turned under, and her right arm and hand withered. I laid hands on her and prayed for her and as I did her arm began to straighten out as I held it. Her foot turned itself right, and she stood upright. Pastor Daniel had her walk around the stage and she did, glorifying God as she went (see pic) while I held her stick!

Please remember that this was only one of the hundreds and hundreds of miracles that we experienced and saw with our own eyes! The Lord is a miraculous God who meets people's needs and follows his Word with signs and wonders!

This morning we had the regular Sunday Worship service that was not regular at all. As is Pastor Daniel's style, he told me that I was preaching for before Pastor Charles and then immediately had me introduced and I was handed the microphone, so off I went. Pastor Charles followed by speaking on the subject giving, and then once again we had a powerful altar call, as people gave their lives to Christ, experienced healings and committed themselves to God's principles of giving. One thing that impressed both Pastor Charles and I was the passion with which the children worshipped with. They prayed, danced and sang with great joy.

We had some blessings for various church officials (deacons, elders, team members, and former graduates who returned for the meetings), said goodbye to the people and then spent time with Pastor Daniel and the crusade team over lunch (at 2:00 pm). Tomorrow we go to the airport and head home... but Pastor Daniel has asked me to stay over for a few days and help him preach and pray for the sick at another crusade that is starting on Monday. So, if I can work out my flight changes, I will return to the USA on Saturday night. Watch for a post on this Blog to let you know my plans.

Thanks for praying for us during this trip. It has been an incredible experience for the Kingdom!


Anonymous said...

Brad, We thank the Lord for His confirming Word over you in pastors' prayer the other Wednesday ... signs, wonders, and a heart of an Evangelist! His Word has certainly come true! What an incredible week. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to the Lord for all He has done. We support you 100% in staying the rest of the week. We'll hold the fort down. Thanks for taking good care of my dad. Grace and peace to you, Dianna and the gang

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Dianna. As you see from my last post, I'll be back as planned. See you this week! Thanks again.


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