Thursday, March 06, 2008

India '08: Day Three

I am posting in the middle of the day this time because we begin the open-air crusade this evening and we will finish late and I won't have the opportunity to post later. This morning was the graduation of the 9th class of the Immanuel's Gospel Training Center here in Kazipet.

The three hour ceremony (long commencement exercises are not exclusive to the U.S.A.) was filled with music, worship, charges, blessings and prayer. Pastor Charles brought the commencement address, reminding the 36 graduates that they were the beautiful bride of Christ, but also the warrior bride. They walk in beauty and yet battle the enemy. It was a powerful exhortation not only to the graduates, but to the entire crowd of over 500 who assembled.

I was called upon to speak a blessing over the graduates and I asked them to put their hands out in the "receiving position". I told them that their hands would be the extension of Jesus' hands and they would lay hands on people, pray for people, help people, feed people, encourage people and hold the Word of God with their hands, declaring the Gospel to the dark places in the nation of India.
We prayed over the graduates in groups (see pic), anointing them with oil to "seal" their lives in Him. Then the graduates honored the dean, instructors and leaders of the Bible School, and even honored Pastor Charles and myself with gifts and flowers. It was a moving morning!

We are all looking forward to the crusade beginning this evening, as we know many will receive Christ into their lives and many miracles will be performed. I will report tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

This sent chills all over me.........blessings to each of them.

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