Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Manliness And My Mini Cooper

A few days ago I was walking across the parking lot to my Mini Cooper and someone called out, "Why do you drive a Mini Cooper? That's a 'girlie' car!"
I was surprised by that comment! I actually did not know that a type of car determined if I was "girly" or not. Interesting...

I consider myself to be a relatively well-read person, but apparently I have not come across the book "What You Drive Determines Your Manliness". And if that book actually does exist (I googled it and couldn't find it), who made the rules on what is considered a manly or girly car?

It is interesting how our culture writes and rewrites "rules" to determine a person's place in that culture. One day a type of food or style of music ls considered acceptable. Two weeks later it is bad for you or obsolete.

(The movie "The Italian Job" popularized the Mini Cooper here in the US, and interestingly one of the Minis used in the movie was driven by the actor Jason Statham, who in that movie and in other roles always plays a man's man.)

We find this same influence in the western church. Music and ministry styles come and go with much frequency. This leader says church should be done this way. After the next conference we find out that church should be done a different way. (For me, it's all about God's Word and the Presence of God.)

But back to manliness and my Mini Cooper. By driving one, I am not seeking to impress my peers. Nor am I trying to be attractive to other women.

I dive a Mini Cooper simply because it's fun to drive. My wife will say I drive it because it is great on gas mileage and I am cheap. She is absolutely right! Great mileage and fun to drive... Not a bad couple of reasons to drive one!

The one place where I do find manliness defined is in God's Word. Among other things, it clearly says that I am to love my wife, give myself for her, lay down my life for my friends, pray without ceasing, consider others more important than myself, not gossip, and seek after God always. That defines if I am manly.

But no mention of a Mini Cooper. Lead Well!

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