Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Dreams To Disappointments

Everybody dreams about something: A better life, a more successful business, an incredible vacation, a better world... Dreaming is a part of life.
But for every dream we have, there seems to be accompanying disappointments that oftentimes discourage us from dreaming. The better life dream dissolves when the sickness hits. The successful business fails when the economy drops. The incredible vacation sails into the sunset when the transmission goes out on our car.

Disappointments are as much a part of life as dreaming. How we handle those disappointments determine if we remain dreamers. Consider these ideas:
  • Write down your dreams. When sidetracked by unexpected disappointments, we tend to forget our dreams. Keeping them in front of us will help us get back on track in pursuit of our dreams.
  • Be willing to change what your dreams look like. Don't minimize them, simply see them from another perspective.
  • Dream dreams that are big enough to outlast you. Don't let the fulfillment of your dreams end when your life ends. Have dreams of generational and eternal value.
  • See disappointments as ruling out ways to pursue our dreams. Edison said he discovered 10,000 ways not to make a lightbulb, in the pursuit of creating one.
  • Be willing to lay aside your dreams for a greater purpose. Maybe God has something else for you. His dream for you is usually better than your dream for you. Which leads us to...
  • Make sure your dreams are God's dreams. Instead of asking God to bless your dreams, ask God what His dreams for you are, and get in on them.
Dream. Dream big dreams. Dream dreams that are bigger than your disappointments.

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