Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Are You Multi-Visioned?

Vision. We all need vision. We all need vision for multiple areas of our lives. We cannot expect to accomplish anything with our lives unless we are purposeful about living them.
If we never plot our course and raise our sails, we will simply drift and be at the mercy of life around us. When it is all over, we will have been a spectator instead of a history maker (read more about that here).

Here are a few areas where we ought to have a vision, and a plan to accomplish those visions. (I gave some personal examples from my life simply as an encouragement):
  • Personal - What do you want to accomplish in your personal life and growth during the next year; five years; season; lifetime? I am seeking to strengthen and diversify my daily spiritual time with the Lord. I have a list of books that I am purposing to read. I am constantly fine-tuning my exercise routine as I age. I have weight and health goals that I monitor and maintain.
  • Family - How do you see your spouse and children, growing (spiritually, emotionally, educationally, relationally) during the next year; five years; season; lifetime? Our family has re-shaped over the last 10 years: Marriage of one child, moving out and subsequent return of another, moving out for the third. We are constantly re-evaluating goals and vision among ourselves as we weather these changes.
  • Financial - Where do you plan to be financially in the next year; five years; season; lifetime? (This is not our most important priority.) Except for our home, we are debt-free. We have in place a systematic plan to pay off our home. We have increased our giving to international missions.
  • Professional - What are your professional growth goals for the next year; five years; season; retirement? Coasting and professional stagnation are not in my future. My plan is to continue to grow and always be reproducing myself into the lives of others. I am consistently writing and arranging music, as well as increasing my musical skill-set through practice. Although I do not believe in formal “retirement” where I will stop working and live off of my savings, I do know that I need to be expanding my non-musical skills for future opportunities.
  • Ministry - (I believe that everyone ought to have a ministry -  not just professional clergy. And for professional clergy, I believe that you ought to have a ministry outside of your church.) What are your ministry plans for yourself and your family for the next year; five years; season; lifetime? My ministry is to the unreached Muslim and Hindu people of northern India. I am seeking to reproduce that vision into my children. (I have taken one of my sons with me on a mission trip to India, and am seeking to take my other two children.)
What is your vision for these areas of your life? What plans do you have in place to accomplish those visions?

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