Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Influence On Cassette

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I got a text message from one of my sons asking about a song that a singer/songwriter I highly admire wrote. He wanted to know the title, but only had the general theme of the song to identify it. I remembered the song. I hadn't thought about it for about 20 years.
I was able to locate the song and some information about it through the artist's website. I sent my son the information, and then out of curiosity asked him what brought up the inquiry.

His response: I was listening to some of his older stuff. I remember listening to that particular one when I was a kid, going to sleep.

I remember playing music for my children when they were young, hoping that the message and mood of the songs would reinforce the Godly character qualities that my wife and I were seeking to instill into them. In this case the song was Daddy's Song by Dennis Jernigan.

Let me tell you that I was incredibly moved by his response. As a parent, my dream is that the daily, consistent influence that I have on my children will produce exceptional and eternal results.

My wife and I were very purposeful in the influence we were covering our children with. We were selective in what we would allow them to see/hear/experience, as well as creative on how we would expose them to positive life-altering influences.

In this case some cassette tapes by one of my favorite musicians, in a quiet room during bedtime was the choice. And from the comment made by my son, and seeing the Godly man he has become, I think this was a good choice.

You and I have multiple, daily opportunities to affect our children, grandchildren, spouses, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. How we consistently handle those opportunities will for the most part, determine the amount of influence we have.

Take advantage of those moments. Be purposeful. Be creative. Be about creating a legacy.

What are you creatively doing to influence the relationships you have? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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