Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Infrastructure Maintenance

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There is a lot of activity going on in the counties where I live and work. Some call it road work. Others call it development. Most everyone calls it a huge inconvenience. I call it Infrastructure Maintenance.

Roads being resurfaced, bridges being repaired, drainage culverts being replaced. Things that are needed and necessary. Some things that are preparing for the future. Improvements, preservation, expansion. However one defines it, it's happening.

A thought occurred to me as I observed the many projects that all seem to be scheduled at the same time: Even as our public systems require Infrastructure Maintenance, so do we as people.

There are basically four areas of our lives that need consistent attention, upkeep, and regular Infrastructure Maintenance. Like road work it involves effort. Like development it requires time and attention. Like any lifestyle improvement it begins as an inconvenience.

Allow me to briefly describe them here:

  • Physical - (Following is not a discussion what to eat/not to eat; do/not to do.) Our bodies need proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and if you'll allow me, fasting to maintain our physical health. A lifestyle of healthy eating (as opposed to going on a diet) tends to keep us out of the doctor's office and decelerate the aging process, and regular exercise and rest keeps our bodies working much better more than pills, medicines, and surgeries do.
  • Mental - (Following is not a discussion on what to read and what to watch.) How well do we stimulate and exercise our minds? Are we constant learners, avid readers, and critical thinkers? Or, do we sit for hours watching mindless TV shows, video game screens, and cat videos?
  • Emotional - (Following is not a discussion on who to have as friends and who to avoid.) Are our relationships healthy? Do we invest in other people, or simply see what is in it for ourselves? Do those whom we have relationships with enrich us? When others speak to us, do we seek to listen and be interested, or jump in with our comments/stories and be interesting?
  • Spiritual - (Following is not a discussion on whether or not there is a God.) I believe that this is the most important part of Infrastructure Maintenance. If we are not healthy spiritually, than we cannot be healthy physically, mentally, or emotionally. This is the way were created, designed, and fashioned. Are you healthy spiritually, in right relationship with God?

Infrastructure Maintenance. Our roads need it. Our bridges need it. Our sewers need it. We need it.

Question: When have you found that your lack of Infrastructure Maintenance has affected you? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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