Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Driving In A Roundabout

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I love Roundabouts.  Maybe I just love driving. But for me, Roundabouts make driving more fun.
When used properly, Roundabouts can take flowing traffic and move it effortlessly through an intersection.

Roundabouts almost completely eliminate the most deadly of crashes at intersections: The perpendicular or "t-bone" crash.

To me, Roundabouts are the traffic equivalent of of a fine watch: The gears sync precisely with the other gears, making the unit function as one, keeping perfect time.

Europeans have been using Roundabouts since 1768. Washington, DC is full of them (the only reason I liked driving in DC when I lived there for 10 years).

Proper usage of a Roundabout:

  • Approach the roundabout with caution, but do not stop (unless signage mandates it).
  • If at all possible, enter the roundabout at the same speed as the traffic in the roundabout.
  • Signal your intention to leave the roundabout when your exit approaches.
  • Exit the roundabout without slowing down.

Roundabouts are a great picture of relationships:

  • When everyone is working together properly, they flow smoothly.
  • Yielding is essential, and ultimately others yield for you.
  • Sometimes you are behind, other times you are in front.
  • Interaction is mandatory.

I believe that Roundabouts were designed with my Mini Cooper in mind. Maybe that's why I like to drive in Roundabouts so much...

Question: What are your thoughts on Roundabouts, and Relationships? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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