Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Refreshing Passion

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My oldest son had a friend over to "jam" this evening. When I got home from work, I was greeted by guitar and drum riffs emanating from our open garage.
Most people my age would be put off by the loud noise. I on the other hand, was encouraged to hear young musicians make music. (Or maybe it was because it didn't seem that loud to my tinnitus-affected hearing...)

I love to see and hear young artists pursue their passion. I love to feel the creative energy, the boundless enthusiasm, the infinite optimism.

Later we invited my son and his friend inside to join us for dinner. It was there, around bowls of my wife's homemade chili and fresh-baked bread, that we also heard the heart of this young man.

He spoke of his broken family, of his Puerto-Rican heritage, and of his younger brother back in New England. He shared his musical influences, and his heroes. And with deeper probing by my wife and me, he shared the vision and passion for his life.

He expressed a desire to move to New York, and to work with industry-leading musicians and producers. He gave a timeline that not only included geographic information, but also musical achievements.

What impressed me the most about this young man was that instead of using words like rich, make money, and be famous, he used the words impact, influence, and mentor.

His passion was to be excellent at his musical craft. But his passion wasn't to be excellent for the sake of personal gain. Rather, it was so that he could influence others both in his field and in the culture as a whole.

A refreshing passion.

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