Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Friend, Follower, or Foe

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We all have friends. Some of us have foes. A few of us have followers. I am not referring here to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, or any of the other social media vehicles. Please read on...
Social media has redefined many words. (I wrote on how the words Final, Extreme, and Epic have been redefined in a previous post here.) What about the words Friend and Follower?

In Facebook language, a Friend is someone who has some level of access to your profile, posts, photos, and comments. In the Twitter world, a Follower is someone whose "stream" gets updated with your thoughts, updates, and sometimes pictures.

A common Facebook "poster" keeps his friends informed with a selection of pictures, quotes, complaints, and general musings.

The savvy Twitter person seeks to gather as many followers as possible, tweet (speak) a select number of times a day, and follow a select few who in their opinion have something beneficial to say to them.

But what really is a friend? Who really is a follower?

It wasn't too long ago that a friend was someone whom one could rely on, who would give needed advice, and who had our back. Hmmmm... Does that sound like many of the Facebook friends in your profile?

Equally, a follower was someone who was committed to a leader, and not only allowed themselves to be spoken into by that leader, but allowed that leader to literally influence and shape their life. Again, does that sound like many of the followers in your Twitter profile?

All I am suggesting is that we evaluate who we call friends, who we call followers, who we follow and friend. Just some thoughts...

Question: What are your thoughts on Friends and FollowersShare your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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