Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harmony & Dissonance

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Harmony & Dissonance. These are not just musical terms. They can apply to relationships and teams. It even can happen inside a mind.
(I see that in my own life: I am an obsessive-compulsive artist. I create music, but it has to be perfect. It is difficult for me to get off the page and improvise. Sometimes I do, and somehow, it works. But enough about me.)

Often when we see harmony, there is a positive outcome. Singers. Colors. Husband and wife. When there is harmony, it just seems right. There is something connecting about singers and musicians who harmonize. There is something special when a team works together and accomplishes its purpose.

But when there is dissonance, we cover our ears. We look away from paintings. We avoid those people.

Usually in music, dissonance resolves itself to a more pleasant sounding harmony. Usually.

I have said for years that harmony creates intimacy. I believe that there is an emotional connection that grows when there is harmony. (As a Worship Pastor I am careful when pairing men and women to sing duets together.)

Turn dissonance into harmony. Complement rather than deter. Harmonize.

Question: When have you created harmony? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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