Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Never Lose The Wonder

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Today I was speaking with a customer at my insurance job, and they were telling me what kind of car they drove: Mercury Cougar. For some reason my mind was transported back to 1967, when as an 11 year old boy I spent the summer with my great aunt and uncle.
My great aunt drove drove a Mercury Cougar, and the strongest memory of her car was the tail-lights. When the turn signal was engaged, the lights moved from the inside to the outside in the direction of the signal.

I was fascinated by this feature. Every chance I got I would go to the driveway and activate the turn signal, and then run to the back of the car to watch the tail lights. A simple form of entertainment, but for this 11 year old it was spellbinding.

Later as I reflected on my memory, I thought about the wonder I experienced when I was younger. I found myself retrieving images of other wonderful things from my childhood: a set of walkie-talkies, my first tape recorder, how it could rain across the street but not in my yard (an incredible phenomenon in South Florida).

As adults we go through stages of wonderment: standing at the altar with our spouse-to-be, the amount of taxes taken from a paycheck, our baby's first movement in the womb.

As we get older, things that were already there catch our wonder: a sunset, our grown children with their own families, a flower in our garden.

I hope we never lose the wonder. I hope we never take for granted our Creator. I hope He always causes us to stop and wonder.

Question: What makes you stop and wonder? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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