Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lessons From A Jump Start

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Because it has been sitting unused for several days while I used another vehicle for commuting, and because we rented a car for our trip to Kentucky, my Mini Cooper wouldn't start on Monday.
It has a 10 year old battery. There may be a short somewhere. Whatever the reason, the challenge was there: My car wouldn't start.

I hunted for my jumper cables. I remember a few years ago that I had three sets. After about 30 minutes of searching I came to a conclusion: I didn't own jumper cables anymore. I later remembered that I gave each of my children one of the sets for their cars.

After I reached this conclusion I still had a challenge: My car wouldn't start.

I mentioned to my wife that I needed to run to Walmart and buy a set this evening. (What I didn't mention was that my Mini Cooper was sitting half in my sloped driveway and half in my street because I attempted to push-start it in reverse.) Her suggestion: Ask my neighbor Darin if I could borrow his.

I have a great neighbor in Darin: He has been a friend for 25 years, we've played in bands together, and he has a garage full of stuff that he constantly offers for my use. So I went into the backyard and sure enough, Darin was working on his yard. I asked to borrow his jumper cables, connected them to my wife's car, jump-started my Mini, and moved it out of the street.

Why do I share this little story? I believe there are a few lessons about jump-starting ideas in there:
  • When our minds sit idle and unused, our ideas become stale.
  • Sometimes our creativity needs a little boost to get running.
  • We may give away a great idea (or three) for someone else to use. That's OK, there's always more.
  • Someone near us may have exactly what we need. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • A little physical and mental maintenance goes a long way toward keeping us sharp and creative.
Need a creative jump-start? Do whatever it takes to get your ideas flowing!

Question: What do you do to jump-start your ideas? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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