Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Two-Story House

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We live in a two-story house. I actually like two-story houses. I might change my position when I am older, but for now I'm ok with them.

Two-story houses are have always fascinated me. Growing up in South Florida, two-story houses were very uncommon to me. In fact, other than in pictures, I can't remember seeing an actual two-story house until I was in my late teens.

As I consider two-story houses, I realize that they can be an excellent metaphor for relationships. Here are some thoughts:
  • Same Foundation: Any good relationship needs to have a common foundation or basis to be solid. Just as in a two-story house both stories share the foundation, relationships also share a common foundation. If that foundation is comprised of "weak" material, the relationship will erode, crack, or fall during storms.
  • Stairs: Traversing between floors would be almost impossible were it not for stairs. In the same way, communication is the bridge between people. Sometimes we have to "climb up to their floor" to effectively connect verbally and emotionally, but it's worth the climb.
  • Different View: From my bedroom window I can see the Sound, the Santa Rosa Island, and the Gulf of Mexico. I can't see them from the ground floor. In good relationships, the members are willing to see things from the perspective of the other. Sometimes the view is much better.
  • Increased Floor Space: Two is better than one the Proverb says. Just as a second story increases the floor space in a house, two people in a relationship is much better. Creativity, responsibility, capacity, and fun are just a few of the things that increase when people are in relationship.
  • Same Roof: I am so grateful for my roof. We experienced over two days of steady rain over the weekend but our house stayed dry. Both stories stayed dry. Same roof. The proper covering in a relationship is essential for protection. I am referring to faith in God. The people in that relationship need to share the covering, stay under the covering, and celebrate the covering.
Question: What other ways can a two-story house be a metaphor for relationships? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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