Tuesday, March 27, 2012


All of us have a story. Our stories are our lives. Some would say their story is exciting. Others would say their story isn't very interesting. Exciting or common, long or short, all of us have a story. And no matter what we may think about it, all or our stories are good!

Yesterday as I was running I began to think about my story, and how it intersects with other's stories. All of us have "chapters" in our stories that are very similar to another's story because that is where our stories intersect.

Some of our stories have many "chapters" that are similar because of long relationships: my wife of 35+ years, my grown children, my life-long friends. Others have resurfaced in my story, as I have in theirs because we have reconnected in relationship after a season of different paths.

And as our stories progress, we find that we are constantly writing new chapters because we are constantly connecting with new people.
 Allow me to encourage you to continue to write your stories. See your story as an organic, living, changing, and flowing stream that takes on new dimensions as you grow in every area of your life, and as you grow your relationships.

Seek to make your story better as it gets longer: Invest in others, take risks, use your creativity, lead well, end strong.

Expect your story to continue even after you die, because those you have intersected with and influenced will intersect with and influence others.

 Question: How would you describe your story? Share your thoughts below in comments. 

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