Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If I Had Facebook

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If I had Facebook when I first stubbed my toe,
     Would I share in my status, or simply get up and go?
If my Mom had Facebook when I won my first race,
     Would she update her homepage, or give praise to my face?
If I had Facebook when I won my first match,
     Would I put up a link, or pat myself on the back?
If I had Facebook when I got my first ride,
     Would I post lots of pictures, or take my friends for a drive?
If I had Facebook when I preached my first time,
     Would I tell all my contacts, or just kept it inside?
If I had Facebook with my fiancee far away,
     Would I have sent a quick message, or written letters everyday?
If I had Facebook when we were to be wed,
     Would I post invitations, or hand-address with a pen?
If I had Facebook when my children were born,
     Would I send one quick update, or tell each friend on the phone?
If I had Facebook when we buried my Dad,
     Would I post for sympathy, or with my family be sad?
If I had Facebook when challenges came,
     Would I share how tough life was was, or faced them with faith?
If I had Facebook when life was going on,
     Would I tell the whole world, or just quietly thank God?

Question: What would you have done differently if you had Facebook before you had Facebook? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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