Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Encouraging Dreams: Our Children

I am listening to an MP3 of a colleague's daughter singing at an Arts Expo done by their church. Good stuff. A young, aspiring musician: The kind of person I love to encourage.

I noticed three things in the process of me receiving this audio clip:
  • How proud my colleague was when she began talking about her daughter, and her daughter's dreams.
  • The fact that the daughter (a young adult) was willing to put herself out there in a situation where she could fail, face humiliation, and discouragement.
  • That were others involved in her daughter's life (her Youth Pastor) who were encouraging and influencing her.
Good lessons here. A proud parent is an encouraging parent. No soapbox here, but don't just let your encouragement to your children only be about sports, talent, and looks. Be proud of who they are. Highlight their character over looks and ability, especially sports. One injury and it could be over athletically for a child. Then what?

Encourage your children to dream, to take risks. To follow a dream one must move, pursue, and strive. That means leaving a comfortable place. Be ready to help them pick up the pieces of disappointment when dreams are not immediately realized, or a disappointing experience happens to them.

Allow others to pour into and encourage your children. Mentors and other influential adults go a long way toward helping our children pursue their dreams. A collective motivation and influence is a good thing. Allow your children to share their dreams with others who will help them fulfill those dreams.

Question: Who was influential in your life, encouraging you to pursue your dreams? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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