Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Chaos To Creativity

Have you ever looked at something, and at first glance it appears chaotic: your desk at work, your closet at home, your 'junk drawer' in the kitchen?

If you are like me, some areas of your life are not completely ordered. Your workspace may feel cluttered, your car is a collection of parking receipts and empty water bottles, your desktop is a collage of icons. Chaos.

What about your life? For me there are times when there is simply too much stuff piled up, with no appearance of order and no encouragement to work through it. Chaos.

Chaos defined is a state lacking order or predictability. Does that sometimes describe your life?

Here are a few things we can do when confronting the chaos in our lives:
  • Correct - Is there something you are doing or not doing that is leading to a chaotic life? Are there choices you are making or simply avoiding that add to the 'mess' you are trying to move through?
  • Convert - What can you take that is currently adding to the chaos in your life and change into something productive: Are demands being put on you at work? Delegate. Too much 'stuff' and possessions? Downsize.
  • Create - Many creatives start with a blank sheet and write a song, draw a picture, or choreograph a dance. Yet some creatives produce new works out of old, used, and piled-up stuff. Kind of like beauty for ashes, a trademark of The Creator. Is there something in your chaos that you can use to create something new?
My wife loves to play Words With Friends on her iPhone. She's pretty good at it because she has the unique ability of seeing a group of random letters (chaos) and creating words with them. Most of her opponents resign. I simply avoid playing her.

Step back and look at your chaos. If you observe with a new perspective you might see something new, fresh, and beautiful... and something that works for you!

Question: What is chaotic in your life that you can create from? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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